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Exchange 2003 - 2010 and Barracuda Anti Spam Settings

tolinrome asked
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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
This weekend I will be pointing all mail to the new Exchange 2010 server and the Exchange 2003 server will be only proxying requests from the 2010 server. I do have a Barracuda anti spam firewall in front of the 2003 server that has the "destination Mail Server" IP as the 2003 server.
Do I need to change this to the 2010 server IP?
I assumed thsi IP was the sending and receiving IP?

Note: mailboxes are still on 2003 server, I just want all the incominga nd outgoing mail routing to go through the 2010 Exchange server so I need to know which IP has to go into the Barracuda.
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I have 2003 and Barracuda.
I would test first by trying to send an SMTP email to 2010 to make sure it can reach it, and that 2010 can route it to the correct server...

You could do it on the Exch2010 server with a command line tool like BMAIL.exe (google)

From barracuda, I think you can change the IP without applying, and hit TEST.... on the screen where it has "Destination Mail Server TCP/IP Configuration". if it works, and you verify it went through Exch2010, then apply it.

Make sure the Barracuda can reach the Exch2010 in your firewall.


good idea. I tried the test as you suggested without applying it and I got an error.

all mailboxes (except a few for testing and mine are on 2003 server). The 2010 exchange server that has my mailbox on it is working fine, I can send\receive email.

Solutions Architect
on your exchange 2010 open your exchange management console -> Server Config -> Hub -> on the right hand side select your server and, from the lower portion of the screen. right click properties on the Default Receive connector -> go to the permission groups tab and check the anonymous

after that run the test again and it will be successful.

once you do this you can point your baracuda to deliver emails to the 2010 IP instead on 2003.

For the outbound emails go to EMC -> org config -> Hub transport -> send connector and create a NEW connector

address space of * cost 1 and let it use the IP of the baracuda as smart host.

Finally, on the baracuda, allow relaying to the IP of your exchang 2010 in addition to the one of your 2003


Finally, on the baracuda, allow relaying to the IP of your exchang 2010 in addition to the one of your 2003

If 2010 is going to do the inbound and outbound then why would I need to have 2003 in the relaying in the barracuda?
AkhaterSolutions Architect

well I would advise you to keep each server handling the outbound email of its own users in a first stage or else you might end up with non tested problems.

So allow both to relay, create a few test users on 2k10 and send/receive emails (both internal and external) after you are sure that all is working according to your needs you can procceed to a second stage and that would be to delete the SMTP connector from the 2003 and remove the relay permissins for the 2003 from the baracuda

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