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Multiple WiFi Adapters on linux

Jax Logan
Jax Logan asked

Is it possible to configure multiple (dozens) of WiFi adapters (usb sticks) on a linux machine via USB hubs and connect them to a WiFi network at the same time?

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Keith BrownAWS System Administrator

Yeah, it is possible, just be known that many network config tools, will by default try to disconnect other network connections you already have going. So due to this, may just be easiest to use ifconfig and iwconfig to connect them.

I remember not that long ago I saw a machine with 7 wifi NICs for someone to use for wardriving. He used PCI cards, and stopped at 7 because that is all he could fit in his case.
If you do this outside of the graphical environment, it could be easier.

Use 'iwlist scanning' to search for the available networks

For each of your multiple cards, assuming wlanX, you will want to do:

  iwconfig wlanX essid <essid>
  iwconfig wlanX key <key>

Then you can do "dhclient wlanX" for whichever one you want to get the IP address from.  The problem is, I think the system will want to route all your traffic through that interface, and it will ignore the associations with the other interfaces to the AP.  You might want to look if the techniques for bonding standard ethX interfaces apply for bonding wlan connections.