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DesktopInfo takes too much CPU cycles.

Do you guys have experience with that tool?  I don't see too much of a use of it.  I am about at the point of uninstalling it.  I don’t think we’re getting much value out of DesktopInfo.exe
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I guess it depends on your needs. I ussually use BGInfo for servers as I don't need to monitor that information while I'm logged into the server.



Is BGInfo more stable and less buggy?
It's VERY stable and has been around for MANY years. I use it in a large enterprise environment in a well known company. Sysinternals used to be seperate and not owned by Microsoft. Now it's Microsoft owned but still works the same. It can be configured to your tastes - I highly recommend it.


Good info!  I did use BGInfo before.  Did not know how stable or the difference with DesktopInfo.

Thank you.