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IBM xseries 236 boot sequence with 3 logical drives

leftwing27 asked
I have an IBM Xseries 236 server with 3 logical drives.  The OS resides on Logical Drive 3.  When I try to edit the boot sequence to put hard disk 2 (logical drive 3) as first priority, I only have the option of using hard disk 0 (logical drive 1) or hard disk 1 (logical drive 2).  The server will not recognize the OS on Logical Drive 3.  Any ideas?  

If I physically remove Logical Drive 2 from the server it boots fine because now the drive with the OS on it is assigned hard disk 1 instead of hard disk 2.

Also, I have the latest BIOS update installed.
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About the only thing you can do is swap the OS drive with one of the others, or install a bootloader on one of the supported drives and have it point to drive 3.

I would put the OS drive as drive 1, unless there is a compelling reason you can't.


Without getting into a detailed email, the OS had to be installed on the only available physical drive (logical drive 3) at the time (was trying to recover data from the other 2 logical drives).  I'm pretty sure the RAID controller wouldn't allow the swapping of a drive from one bay to another so I'm pretty much stuck with where it's at.  I looked into a boot loader but have never setup or worked with one before so I didn't want to spend more time on that and have it not work.  In theory it may have been a solution though.  So I decided to not mirror the OS and only create one additional logical drive for data with RAID 5.  Now the server has two logical drives and boots up fine.  Not the best way to do it, but certainly acceptable.


ahhhh...  Thanks for the feedback.
Glad you found a workaround.   : )

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