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I need to identify bandwidth per user--We use a Sonicwall as our Default Gateway

Does anyone know of a good tool to use to determine who is using up our bandwidth....I read that wireshark could or can, but I am clueless with this software and need a software that is more user friendly and can identify based on mac address and or ip address and give results that are easy to filter through......
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If your SonicWALL has a Viewpoint license then you can use that along with the directory services connector and you'll be able to see all kinds of details of exactly what each user is doing based on username, or without the directory services connector you can stick with by IP.


Regarding the Viewpoint license and the Directory Service Connector....
We currently do not have a viewpoint license-- which could be bought I guess.  DSC now that is something that just communicates through the Active Directory , yes?...How do you get this DSC to communicate with Mac Machines, are there special configurations for the Mac machines ie directory services on the actual macs?  I read that the DSC will operate with XP, win7,  2k3 2k8 windows OS but can it operate with MAC users OSX and lion.   We have a mixed environment and I've noticed that the MACS don't have the same SSO capibilities configured as do the XP, win 7 machines.  This Direcotry Service connector, is this hardware or software and is it acutally attached to the Sonicwall or the server in which AD is installed?
Correct, the Directory Service Connector communicates with Active Directory and pulls the user information for the reporting. Unless the Mac machines are somehow authenticating to active directory with normal domain user information I don't believe you'll be able to get user information.

The Directory Service Connector is not required, if you just want to do it by IP then there's no need to worry about that aspect of it. It just allows for you to track user information vs. IP or machine information. This is useful in some places where people change computers a lot (e.g. a call center) and they want to track what users are doing and they aren't always going to be on the same computer.

So if that aspect is your concern don't focus on that. Viewpoint is the main item you're looking for that will do all the tracking you want.

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