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File server

jo1170 asked
Need some recommendation on which route to go:
we are a small company with around 35 users. Currently we have two Netgear Readynas boxes with 1Tb user capacity on each with couple of user shares. Running out of space on it

Im looking to get a R510 12 bay x 1tb with server 2008 installed on RAID1 and have the rest of the 9 drives on a RAID 6 + 1 hot spare, And have all the user shares on it which can be mapped on the users workstations

Or should i go with something like starwinds san installed on server 2008.

Thanks in advance
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The R510 should be sufficient for a small operation of 35 users.  I don't know what other hardware devices you have so I can't really say whether StarWind is practical for you as it requires iSCSI Initiator installed to make it work and other requirements as well.  If you simply use the server for file sharing, using RAID 6, I believe that it would be sufficient.  StarWind does provide HA (High Availability) in a cluster environment which might be over-kill for a small user group.

If data redundancy is part of your operation and it is a mission critical server, we might consider looking at VMWare.  Also, you should consider having more than 1 spare drive in your RAID.


Thanks for your recommendation - this is meant most for file sharing. i will definately put in one more spare as you mentioned.
I think the R510 is a great choice.  From your description, you are needing file share storage for your users.  The R510 will do a great job with this along with offering your network other features of the operating system.  You've planned a large upgrade in space compared to what you have now, so that should hold you for a while.  

As your storage needs grow, I would recommend considering one of the business level Drobo units such as the B800fs (NAS device) or the B800i (iSCSI device).  They are exceptional for backups and/or for expanding storage needs.  Very easy to grow space as you need it.

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