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Ubuntu File Move

I am running Ubuntu on one of my cloud servers.  The file store is starting to run out of space.  So I would like to move some of the backup files to my pc.  How can i move files from the cloud machine to my local machine?
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If your PC is a Windows PC, you can use the scp command (it comes with putty, a free ssh client)  You will need to know your username and password on the cloud server, and you will also need to have read access to the files you are backing up, and know where they are.

The syntax for scp is:

scp -r C:\local\backup\path

It should prompt you for a password, and then you'll see all the contents of that folder copying.  BTW, in Windows the recursive (-r) flag may need to be /r, not -r.
If a GUI is more your style, I've had good experiences with WinSCP.