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Disappearing email

We are having multiple instances of emails disappearing. More specifically larger emails with one or more attachments ranging between CAD files PDFs and JPEGs.
sizes ranging from 7MB to 20.7MB have been tested. We were able to to duplicate once the attachment size reached about 13MB

We had one client describe the problem he had for us:
 He had received an email from a  client that contained a CAD file, three *.jpg , and one PDF
He didn't have the software to open the CAP drawing so he forwarded it to the engineering department.
When he checked on the status of it later, they had never received it. It had also disappeared from his inbox and was not present in his sent folder.
He had the client send it again thinking it was a fluke, and the same thing happened.

I tried sending him a very large email with multiple attachments. It showed that it was receiving it in outlook, but never showed the message.
These emails that are disappearing from the clients' inboxes are showing up on their phones.

They are running an exchange 2010 server.
The clients having the issue are using Outlook 2007
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Have you checked max message size limits?
Have a look at Message Tracking to discover where the message ended up.
Perhaps an Antivirus or archiving tool that scans every day the mailboxes for large emails ?

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