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Unable to query for Computers in the network - SBS 2008

TonyWigan asked
Was working, now is not.  I am unable to see domain computers or servers in SBS Console.
Any selection within Netowrk or within the User properties returns "Unable to query" or "Unable to query Computers in the Network"  as a result I am unable to assign computers to users in RWW.  This is having a significant business impact as remote users cannot "Connect to Computer" in RWW.  AD structure and the OU names and structure are as per default SBS2008 structure ie: OU: My Business OU: SBS Computers etc.  I can see all computers in Active Directory Users and Computers and all computers show in the correct OU when I run DSquery. I have not found any information searching this issue.  Please Help!
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Top Expert 2013

Is there any chance you have 3rd party security software installed on the PC's? That can block the access in a multitude of ways.
Hi RobWill,
No 3rd party security software running.  All vanilla microsoft, windows 7 pro on the workstations and SBS2008 on the server.   Was working fine then stopped.  Nothing in the logs.  Users already assigned computers in RWW can see and connect OK.  Cannot assign computers to new users or change assignments for existing users.
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Odd that existing are OK. Is DNS configured correctly on the problematic PC, i.e. pointing ONLY to the SBS for DNS. If there is a router or ISP in the NIC's DNS configuration, even as an alternate, it can be problematic. Also if the SBS is not the DHCP server, which it should be, do the clients show YourDomain.local in an IPconfig /all under domain suffix?
DNS, IP config all OK.  Issue is purely within SBS and assigning computers to RWW.  The SBS 2008 console does not find any domain computers.  This makes it impossible to assign computers to in RWW.
The AD structure is vanilla and has not changed.  DSquery from the command line displays all the machines in their correct OU.   The Console Query does not.  Seems like the console is not running running whatever it does to find the computers.
OK Guys,  Thank You to everyone involved in assisting me with this issue.
I fixed it.  I renamed the top OU from MyBusiness to Company, then Changed it back to MYBusiness.
This seems to have reset the SBS2008 wizard querys and now all are showing in the Console.
It would seem that somehow the console stopped finding the OU name and the change then change back has reset it.  Some days I really hate this job.....


My last comment has shown the solution.  All other suggestions/comments did not lead to the solution.

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