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Why do I only see one physical HD in Disk Management when I have 2 HD that are mirrored?

IT_Queen asked
I have a computer that has 2 Hard drives that are both 1T.  A different IT company set it up with RAID 1.  They used a third party software.  When I go into that software, i see the 2 drives and it says they are mirrored....it also says they are in the middle of a self test....

Anyway, when i go into Disk Management in Windows 7, I only see ONE Basic Disk....shouldn't i see 2?  Or would I only see 2 if the mirror was configured through Windows?
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What you see if correct.  The RAID 1 is controlled by your RAID controller and at the OS level, you will see only one drive.

That's 1 Logical drive when you mirror two physical drive and windows and software will treat that as 1 drive.

Depends on what software you use to create the RAID, if you use Intel RAID software you will see the physical drive(two) under the software.


Thanks, that's what I figured, just wanted to make sure.

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