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Puzzled over an IE / GPO setting that isnt showing configured - checked with RSOP

I have a Windows 2003 R2 server, that I need to be able to have some users access IE's Internet Options, specifically the Connections > Proxy Settings config area. I know that they can access the IE Options applet in Control Panel, but this isn't providing the accessibility that I need.

This Win2k3 R2 machine is a part of a Win2k8 R2 domain, and I've checked the following:

- in the default domain policy under User Configuration > administrative templates > Windows Components > IE > Browser Menus > "Tools Menu: Disable Internet Options .. menu option" this is set to "Not Configured"

- on the Win2k3 R2 machine I browse to the local Computer policy: Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > IE > IE Control Panel : the setting there:
"Disable the Connections Page" is "Not Configured"

- I ran RSOP on the Win2k3 R2 machine, for my logged in account, which has domain admin privs, and the RSOP data came back not showing this setting being blocked anywhere.

Any thoughts why this isn't available and how can I get it turned on?
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Hi first you need to segregate the user by creating a security group as you need only few user to access internet.
secondly what happens after enabling the setting .
third ,run gpresult /v and paste the out put and specify what kind of setting you intend to use.



actually very few ppl even login to this machine, so i'd like anyone with a local account or domain admin level privs to be able to mod the IE settings accordingly. I found all the relevant settings are doable by registry settings, but I'd like to find out whats blocking this.

I'll check out enabling the settings, and then run gpresult /v as you suggested
1.Are you trying to modify the gpo on the server or cliient machine
2.it would be reallly good if you can explain the whole scenario which internet policy are you trying to apply and the problem associated with that.



I had to abandon this question, and move on.

Ultimately, was modifying the GPO on the server, but also did a gpresult and a RSOP on the systems and the setting was never enabled or configured

We wound up just using registry settings to accomplish what we needed. sorry about that.


these were good tips, but we didnt solve the issue, but the replier tried to help to best of his ability

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