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How do enable band width management on sonic wall tz210

breynolds01 asked
How do i go about prioritizing traffic on a tz210 so voice data gets priority? i have a tz210 firewall and we have an allworx phone system and i would like to make sure that voice calls get bandwidth priority.

is this Qos or is that bandwidth management or are they one and the same?
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Director, SD-WAN Solutions
Qos is tagged packets as voice to get priority. Bandwidth management is defining traffic from or to an address range, fqdn, or whatever and giving it priority or guaranteed bandwidth or limitations.

Remember the sonicwall only messes with traffic going out the wan (or crossing vlans). If you want to speed it up on your LAN, qos on switches and or vlans is the way to go. But that depends on your switches, not the sonicwall.

I you want to enable bandwidth management, start with setting the wan speed up and down. From there make address objects for what you want to manage. This can be a Mac, ip, range, fqdn. Then make a firewall rule from LAN to wan to allow and click the bandwidth tab. You can then assign priority and bandwidth.

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