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Kinect to PC

tmonteit asked
I boueght a kinect device and I want to use it on my PC as a sensor.  I understand this is possible because there are drivers for kinect.  However, I don't understand the kinect cable.  Its not usb, its not firewire.  It is some kind of a rectangle with a corner notched off.   I can't identify what type of cable.  Mind you I don';t own an xbox.  

Do I have to tear it apart to connect it to the PC?  Or is there USB-Kinect adaptor I can buy to accomplish this?    Or perhaps did I buy the wrong kinect device?  is there a version that hooks to USB?

Any advice for a first time kinect programmer?

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The Kinect (as a standalone product) should come with the adapter you need. It takes the unique connect plug and splits it into USB and AC power. If you got the Kinect second-hand, or in a console bundle, then you probably didn't get the adapter. This is what you need:

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how are you going to use it though when its connected

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