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Slow Connection transferring file to windows 2008 r2 with broadcom network adapters

I am having very slow data transfer rate (less than 100M) on a gigabit network.

Switch is a new Dell PowerConnect 5548

i noticed this slowness only happens with Broadcom adapters on this switch. I have a Dell poweredge r815 with Broadcom 5709c network adapters.  I pretty much checked everything in BACS to try to get this to work at full speed.

Autoneg, switch is saying 1000M full duplex on all ports
turn off chimney offload
flow control on-off
I even tried disabled the OS level, chimney, RSS, etc...using netsh that i found with search, but no dice.

i have latest drivers and firmware for the Broadcom.network adapter.

I am only experiencing slowness when transferring data to a  server with Broadcom adapter.  Intel adapter to Intel adapter runs on full speed on this gigabit network. Only when I'm transferring to a server with that Broadcom 5709c that I'm peaked to 10MBytes/sec.  
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Hi ,
   have you gone through this article http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/network/broadcom/r125875/en/bacs.htm
since you have mentioned that intel works fine so it has to be a  problem with bradcom
you can also try this link
let me know the status
Did you try setting your flow control to manual?  Try setting it to 1000M Full Duplex on the devices you're transferring data to and from.
problem was with the switch, it was running on an old firmware that had problems with Broadcom adapters. upgraded to newest fiirmware on the switch and fixed the problem.


This is accurate

What kind of switch (Cisco ??) was the problem with ?

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