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HyperV Problems

I have problems with a missing HyperV machine which has1 VHD and 1 AVHD, so I restarted the server and then made a new Virtual Machine using the original VHD which starts, however my Exchange server is now 2 months old. I had a look aon the internet for help and can find that I can EDIT the VHD and AVHD to enable a merge of the 2. However I now read that I shouldnt have started my Virtual Machine as the Date stamp of the AVHDis no longer compatible with the VHD. Any help will be appreciated.
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You may still be able to merge the .vhd and .avhd. Make a copy of the original .vhd just in case then try the merge.


Thanks I was able to edit the disk and Merge both VHD and AVHD then imported fine.

Snapshots.....grrrrr... thought they were to good to be true.
Snapshots are really useful but I do try to get rid of them asap once the Service Pack or whatever is completed!

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