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Can I make a component to DVI or VGA cable?

I have a cable TV box that has HDMI, Svideo, and component outputs. I would like to connect to to my computer monitor but it only has VGA and DVI. I know they sell HDMI to DVI cables but I wanted to see if I could make something.

I wanted to see if I could use a DVI or VGA cable and some RCA cables and hack something together so I could get it working.
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See http://pinouts.ru/VideoCables/hdmi_dvi_cable_pinout.shtml for pinout to make a dvi to hdmi cable

Here are the wiring charts for HDMI to DVI-D interface cables.  You should be able to splice together an HDMI and a DVI-D cable to make an adapter cable.  There are two types depending on the maximum resolution.

If you want to try to do something with the compuset cables and VGA you'll need to build a circuit to do the conversion.
See the section on tv to vga on this webpage for some circuit diagrams http://www.epanorama.net/links/videocircuits.html
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Remember that HDMI and DVI are the only digital connections listed.  The rest use an analog signal.  If you are intending to convert analog to digital (or vice versa) that's an electronics project (as a guide the ready built convertors are $100's) and not simply wiring some plugs together using the right pin-outs.