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SQL and Exchange backups

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Last Modified: 2012-05-12
Good Evening Everyone,

Before I continue another two hours of research I figured I'd pause here and ask you all since I always get great answers on Experts Exchange.  Basically I want to do Continuous backups of Exchange and SQL to be able to send offsite, unfortunately the offsite backup software my client is using does not include Exchange and SQL backups, however it WILL send offsite backups of Exchange and SQL if I do the backups myself.  So I'm wondering how to use VSS/VSC to create continuous backups throughout the day so that I can send them offsite.  I'll be using ntbackup (while it's still SBS 2003 and then using the backup software in SBS 2008 once they upgrade) for local backups.  

Just wondering how do I use VSS or is there a cheap or free software that will do the setup for me?  I don't want to spend hundreds of dollars and my client isn't the type to just throw down money on a whim... unfortunately.  So cheaper is better as long as it's functional.  

Thanks a million,
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i use storage craft shadow protect - it will take vss snapshots every 15minutes and backup only the changes to a NAS or external usb.
then you can use any offsite backup product to send the storage craft backups offsite.

this works really well.

plus it has added benefits:
very easy to do a full recovery - to different hardware
reasonably easy to have a live recovery to a virtual server so it takes very little time to get a recovery done in the event of a full failure
you can mount the backups to a drive and then have very easy file recovery - the mounted volume can even be shared to give staff access to the backups and enable them to restore files themselves if you wish - and full AD security flows through into this mounted volume
it isnt the cheapest solution, but it will give you both onsite and offsite backup.
offsite can be a real pain in the event of a full failure.
with storage craft - i have had a client have a full failure - i grabbed a regular PC and restored to that to get them operational, then I ordered them a new server, tested it, and then restored the PC to the new server.

Yes storage craft isnt a cheap solution but a good one.
There are many like Zenith BDR cheaper than Storage craft but of same functionality.

You can try evaluation version and check whether it is upto your needs or not.



OK going back to what I originally said I'm looking for something cheap.  I've worked, and am working on the side, for companies that used Zenith and while their BDR's are nice they're phasing them out.  One reason why they're phasing out their BDR's is because storagecraft is unreasonably expensive now.  

Right now I use Disk2VHD for daily image backups that I can use for a virtual recovery and it's free.  I basically need an offsite solution that is reasonable for the rest of the data.  For instance Crash Plan is ridiculously cheap but you have to send out the entire original image over the internet which could take weeks, and it doesn't have support for SQL or Exchange because it doesn't use VSS.  If I do my own VSS it will send those out.  Hence why I'm looking for a cheap VSS solution.  

Have a look at dpm its pretty cheap and works like a charm also offsite.



OK let me restructure my question at this point after looking at the products on searches and the ones you all have listed.

How can I personally setup a VSS backup on Exchange and SQL that I can use to send offsite with Crash Plan.  So far I've installed and started using Crash Plan to test with here at home and I like it but of course I also need Exchange and SQL to send out too.

So if I can create my own incremental backups with VSS for Exchange and SQL I can use Crash Plan to send them offsite.  
Why cant u use NTBACKUP and take a full backup and schedule it to take daily backups..


That's funny you mentioned that.  Last night I found out that you could do that.  I always thought that NTBackup didn't do VSS backups but apparently now it does.  

Thanks Amigo!

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