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Dell PERC 4/Di configuration

Y Y asked
Dell PE2600, PERC 4/Di
Two arrays - RAID 10 (4x73GB) and RAID 1 (2x147GB)

Now we will replace 2x147GB with 2x 300GB.

In Ctrl+M, should i use "Easy Configuration" or "New Configuration"? Why?


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easy config makes guesses on your behalf, new config lets you make all the decisions.
two drives - not many choices to make!

I assume you have backed up the data from the 2x147gb ?
Y Yconsultant


Yes, i did an image backup using ShadowProtect
I used New Configuration to configure the array succesfully. Then it started Backgroud initialization automatically. I can not see the progress! Can I restart the server and restore the image while the background initialization is running? If i wait it to finish, how long will it take?
you can restore while the initialisation is taking place - but it will take ages.
you cant see that progress without being in the OS and using the raid management software.
it shouldnt take too long to initialise, but the restore will certainly be faster if you wait.

if you cant wait as you need it back up then do the restore - the server will typically run slow as it continues the rebuild afterwards.
Y Yconsultant


Thanks. I will wait then

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