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If I purchase a sipstation trunk and number and connect to my asterisk box can I then configure my Iphone client such as groundwire to make phone calls?
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Hello Starguest,

You are correct. When you are provided with a SIP trunk by a VoIP carrier (such as Voicepulse, Broadvoice, etc.) you will be able to connect your Asterisk PBX to it.

Then, you will create SIP accounts on your asterisk PBX for Sip-phones to be able to place and receive calls on your Asterisk PBX through the previously configured SIP trunk.

A SIP-phone can be a piece of hardware (such as a Polycom SoundPoint, or Snom phone), or a software (such as X-Lite running on a PC, or GroundWire running on an I-Phone). In both cases, the only thing you need to ensure, is that the platform on which the sofware is running can connect to your asterisk PBX IP address.

Let us know if you have any further question !


So it seems that I first need a trunk:

Is this the only place I can get one?

Also I want to get clarification - if I get a trunk and 2 phone numbers am I essentially suppling two people the ability to use the same trunk?

I previously asked if I can use my skype dialout number on my asterisk box. I got a yes answer - but where is the setup? How can I do it?

You can get a SIP trunk from a lot of different places. I'd recommend voicepulse because they have a free trial offer. This way you can test and experiment before you have anything to purchase.: http://www.voicepulse.com/business-free-trial.aspx

Another nice alternative is Broadvoice, because their flat monthly fee include not only us+canada, but many international countries: http://broadvoice.com/rateplans_unlimited_world.html  http://broadvoice.com/rateplans_unlimited_world_premium.html

One "trunk" can have several "paths" or "channels". This is what dictates how many concurrent calls you can have. The amount of phone numbers ("DID") doesn't play a role. You can have 100 DIDs but only 1 channel and being able to place only 1 call at a time. Something else to keep in mind: you could have only 1 phone number, a trunk with 10 channels, wich means you could place/receive up to 10 concurrent calls, despite the fact that you have only one phone number.

Hope this helps.

Sorry I forgot to address your Skype question. If you want to be able to use your SkypeOut subscription to allow your AsteriskPBX to dial out, this requires a pay addon for Asterisk, which is unfortunately no longer for sale.  

See: http://www.digium.com/en/products/software/skypeforasterisk.php


Btw - can asterisks work on a vmware machine? Or do I need to dedicate a machine to it?

Yes, asterisk works well in an vmware virtual machine,
as long as you allocate the proper ressources for the
amount of phones/trunks/volume of calls.

Have fun!

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