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Kerio Connect to Exchange 2010 Migration

dacj asked

I am currently planning to migrate from Kerio Connect to Exchange 2010. From all of the articles I have read, the only way I have found to successfully migrate the user data is to save the users data to .pst, remove the KOF and account, attach to the Exchange server and re-import the .pst files. I have read that I can migrate each user's email/folders via IMAP, but this will not pull the user's contacts and calendars. From what I understand, this is due to Kerio calendars being in a WebDAV format. I am looking for any opinions or suggestions that anyone may have. Any opinions, precautions and/or tips are greatly appreciated.

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It is indeed the only correct and good wy to migrate using PST.
You can do it via IMAP but as stated this will not get everything.

another way to do it(being more of a hassle):
setup your exchange as planned, configure user's exchange profiles in outlook (PRESERVING) the kerio account in outlook.

Then have your users copy and paste all their mai/contacts/calendar in the exchange account.
Note that this might take long to upload all the items to the exchange depending on their mbox size.


Thank you for the additional insight. I was thinking that this may be my only solution - aside from leaving it up to the end user... we all know how "fun" that can be. I am planning to do this from one machine logging in all users, (364 of them w/ roaming profiles), and moving the data myself. Seems to be the only "sure" way that it is correctly handled. I appreciate the info and confirmation I was heading in the right direction - point awarded. Long weekend for your truly!!
Thanks for the points, I'm sorry to say but indeed this is the only way i know :)
I did it about 10x myself.

The only thing that might help is a logonscript that will export the mailboxes, but i never tried it:

this might give you a starting point...

In case you'll go in manually , have a nice weekend and hve some beer ;-)

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