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Hyper V machine non responsive

IT_Fanatic asked
My exchange hyper-v machine was acting up and was frozen. I restarted the VHD and it came up but 1) bottom right now it's say not genuine 2) anything I execute other then cmd (non admin) and task manager work. Anything will just freeze the machine. This has never happened before. Is there anything I can do to fix this? How can I check if the VHD is ok? This is critical
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Any pointers? I am in a critical state
Madan SharmaConsultant

1. Genuine warning could be due to non activation of OS or wrongly entered key.

2. if you are able to run  Task Manager then go to service and check which service is using the highest resources of server and also check how much CPU and memory is utilized by the server.

First of all, could you please rephrase your question and provide as MUCH infomation as possible about your environment, rather than allowing us to assume what your running.

In reply to your questions on a very basic note:

1. You most likely have entered a physical OS key, rather than a virtual key and something has changed, either NIC, etc. Which is why you're getting the non genuine message. You can activate the OS and get that sorted or alternatively put in the correct virtual OS key.

2. You most likely have incorrect NIC DNS settings, which is causing the VM to pause.

On your Hyper-V host, have you excluded the VHD files (that Exchange is running via) from your antivirus? Is your NIC card on the Exchange server synthetic or legacy?

Would you mind posting the output of IPCONFIG /ALL from your Hyper-V host and Exchange server?
this is now fixed. issue was backdraft


verified with microsoft

Could you provide more info on backdraft??

Any ideas on "backdraft", would help anyone else who experiences the same issue, plus a great day of giving back to the community.

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