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tilde sign interrupting a remote command line connection.

bacadude asked

I have a wired issue where a tilde sign pops out on the putty window command line when I am logged in remotely to my linux server (RH9). Looks like it gets entered every minute or so, which is very annoying since it messes up what I type on the prompt. What even worse is, that when I edit a file in vi, either this tilde sign or something else interrupts editing session.

My client pc runs windows 7 and it is a first time in years I came across issue like this one.

Any ideas, suggestions, tips greatly appreciated.

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Are you sure its a putty problem? Maybe a service in the background is running and its typing output to the terminal?

Are you familiar with the command "screen"? In a terminal, run the command "screen" which in turn will open a new terminal. Try to see is the tilde appears again.

Good Luck!


You are right on.

I am running “Caffeine” program in the background to prevent a screen saver from engaging.

Thank you for your help.

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