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Windows 2003 : Bootcfg Failed to add the selected boot entry to the boot list


My Windows 2003 server is not booting up "Operating system not found"

Everytime I run the bootcfg /add or /rebuit, I received : Failed to add the selected boot entry. I try renaming the boot.ini to boot.old to create a new file, still the same.

I run a fixboot and fixmbr. Still the same

Any idea ?
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Can you post the contents of your boot.ini file?



Forget my post I found my issue need sleep I think.

My Bios boot order was changed.


My Error
Was it not my request of the boot.ini contents that pointed you in the right direction?
I checking your disk & boot order would have been my next advise as well.

Please give credit if due.


Hi, , I was looking at the boot.ini several time, I send it because you asked. I just restart my diagnostic process from scratch and I look at my Bios and I found my problem.

THanks for your input. If it's just for the points I don't care to give it. But I will let the Moderator take the final decision. Because the real answer was a Bios configuration problem.

I can understand your objection because my comment was not really complete.

Thanks for your fast answer,