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no sound in internet explorer. running windows vista home premium

I have searched a lot of topics on this and nothing seems to work.
ran the "sfc/scannow".  it came back w/corrupt files but unable to fix.

checked all of the advanced internet options tomake sure the play sounds box was checked in multimedia and it was.  in accessability, play system sounds was not checked.  i had restored back to original settings and it was not checked so i assume this does not matter.

imported "windows registry editor 5.00"

none of these worked.  help please

thank you
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i have sound on everything else.  just not internet explorer.  i even downloaded safari and have sound on that browser but not internet explorer 9.  i also uninstalled and reinstalled ie9.  no luck
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Check on this link, it fixes this issue you're having:
i did everything the link said and still no sound????
Did you set all Play Sound options and enabled Use TLS 1.2? Then restarted the computer? After that you  click Restore Advanced Settings on the same popup?
yes.  everything.  TLS 1.2 not on there.  only 1.0
Okay, can you follow this link:

And apply the post #1 first then post #2 if not working.
did it work ok before?  if the problem is recent , a system restore can help you
what caused ht einsternet sound to be gone?  did you install anything?
Have you tried another browser (FF, Chrome, etc.) as a 'control' to this troubleshooting?

Are you sure this isn't a Java or Flash issue? What types of pages are you trying to get sound from? DO you have examples?
other browsers work fine.  just not ie.  i have tried all of those fixes above and they did not work
cant get sound from any audio/video file in ie.  as stated b4, all other browsers work fine.
did you uninstall reinstall IE ?  see :
or try the fixit
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David Johnson, CD
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i have done everything stated thus far.  i am going to have to track down a vista dvd and reinstall os i guess.  no idea what could have happened.