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Groupwise Rsync does not work but flat copy does

We have our Groupwise server on SLES10 which runs a script which downs the groupwise agents and copies the postoffice, domain etc to the backup server in another location.  We then have a script on that server which downs the agents, rsync's the backup to the proper location and brings the agents back up.  For some reason though when we do the restore rsync, the files show being updated, but when we launch Groupwise Client, the mailbox still shows the older emails.  But if we manually copy the groupwise files into the proper location, and restart groupwise, it shows the current information.
So I know the sychronization from the productioin server to the backup server is working, as if I manually copy the synced files into its proper location it works, but if I use rsync to copy from /backupserver/sync folder to /backupfolder/groupwise folder for some reason it does not seem to overwrite the files.
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Can you attach your RSync scripts? Sounds like there's something wrong there. Do you have any logs from the RSync operation?

Regards, Tobias
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Where are the crontab logs or rsync logs kept?
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Do you get any errors when you run the rsync command?

What is the exact command you run when doing the rsync, and does it run instantaneously, or at least appear to take a little time?
I can run the script manually and it appears to be updating the proper files. It does not generate any errors on the screen.  The script copies the files from a folder called sync into the proper folder on the VOL1 for post office, domain etc.  The contents of the script file are below:


#to restore Groupwise and Dbase
/etc/init.d/grpwise stop
/usr/bin/rsync -azuv --delete /media/nss/VOL1/sync/gwpo /media/nss/VOL1
/usr/bin/rsync -azuv --delete /media/nss/VOL1/sync/seltpo /media/nss/VOL1
/usr/bin/rsync -azuv --delete /media/nss/VOL1/sync/library /media/nss/VOL1
/usr/bin/rsync -azuv --delete /media/nss/VOL1/sync/Dbase /media/nss/VOL1/apps
/etc/init.d/grpwise start
Also if I manually down the agents and manually copy the above folders over to the VOL1 folder, everything shows up properly in Groupwise, don't understand why the sync does not work but the copy does, they are the same files being copied
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It finally worked, I didn't get any other suggestions