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User rights to share folder in SBS 2011

Dear Sir,
                i am having MS windows 2011 SBS , and i am sharing a folder with all my users having several sub folders in it , as the sub folders belongs to different dipartments so i dont want that other department user can access or see the folder not concern with him  , i want to assign rights to my users for eg.:-
1) some users can not see the sub folder
2) some users cannot access the restricted sub folder etc

how can i do so
kindly advice
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Without using RMS Microsoft Windows Rights Management Services , your not going to be able to hide the folders, but you can keep them out if of the folder if you use OU's for security groups for your Departments.
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You could use Access Based Enumeration which allows users to view only the folders they have permission to access. This however requires you to use DFS.

Access Based Enumeration -

Once this is in place, setting permissions as per RobWill's comments will have you set up the way you require.
sanjeevkmrs, Dont forget to let us know how your doing with this.
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please give me some time