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Hard Drive Data Recovery....

I have a Hitachi SATA Hard Drive. For whatever bizarre reason, the drive disappeared from my active drives... not sure if a cable came unplugged?  I hooked it back up and it no longer had a partition - I recreated the partition but did not format it yet - quick or otherwise.

I ahve a data recovery software program called - Easeus Advanced Data Recovery (will take recommendations if someone knows a better one).

It is reading RAW files as there is no partition, folders, etc., because I did not format it....saying it is going to take some 10 hours because there are not folders, etc... and I have done one of these before.... it's rough stuff going through the recovered files and trying to figure out what they are, what they were, what you need to save...

Here are my questions:
A) Does someone know of a better program for data recovery?
B)  If I did a "quick" format through the windows7 Disk Management Console, would I lose info??? Or would that create a partition and folders for the recovery program to work more efficiently??  

Operating System is Win7 x64... Drives are/were formatted as NTFS.. default size... one partition on the drive..

Many thanks...
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WOW ....!!! Night and day - what a great program - read my drive and recreated the folders and the whole structure... thanks so much - well worth the $79... not sure why this happened... have a drive monitoring software and everything???

I am using Hard Drive Sentinel.... anything you like better??
Don't really monitor my hard disks so I don't use anything.

For basic SMART reporting you could look at HDTune  Free version would do that for you.  That is on my system and I can fire that up if the disk starts playing up.

I condentrate on maintaining good backups and the ability to restore to a new hard disk if something goes wrong.  So once a hard disk is up and running and all apps installed and updated I make an image for emergency purposes.

>>  not sure why this happened

This type of problem seems to occur if systems are switched off violently (plug pulled out of wall, cable yanked out of drive, etc).
Maybe the cable popped of the drive for some reason inside....

I am using Symantec Backup Exec.....  anything you like better.... I have it set-up with scheduled back-ups.... but it seems a little stilted...
I just use a batch file with either xcopy or robocopy to backup to an external drive or network drive.

About 60 Gb of data, mostly music files.  Doesn't rely on a manufacturer's product for backup or restore.
if the partition is lost, you could use a partition recovery software
one of the best ones is Testdisk 

find and mount - free for personal use :
Thanks so much - the program you suggested was superb.... instead of giving me a list of thousands of disorganized files, as my current program did, it created a tree and folders of the existing file structure and let me grab everything and restore the drive elsewhere - after I reformatted the drive and copied them back to the drive from the temp location....