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Terminal services for XenApp test version


I would like to test XenApp and will use the development version for this (which is limited to 2 connections?). Now I would like to know if I do have to configure terminal services licensing for this server (with only 2 connections)?
If I do, isn't there a test-version so I can use XenApp for testing purposes (only 2 connections)?

Thanks for your input,
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You do not need to configure terminal server licensing at all - for 60 days.  Terminal Server, when installed, will function for 60 days without talking to a license server, and you can technically have "unlimited" connections.  Of course, you'll be limited to the number of licenses XenApp will grant you.
Caveat to my statement - if you're an administrator you'll get nagged - a lot - saying that it's not licensed :)  Just ignore the nags.
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You have 120 days to get TS Licensing installed on TS 2003/2008.  For 2008 R2 it is 90 days.
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And after the 60 days? 2 connections?
CarlWebster hit the nail on the head - it is 90 days for R2.

After your grace period expires, the only connections that will be allowed are connections made with /admin - thus using the standard 2 connections with RDP.  ICA connections won't be possible.

Hopefully 90 days will be sufficient time for you to test.
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