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How to recover a mail distribution list

Hi guys,
I have a user who in their address book have a distribution group mmm and inside are a list of email addresses. This address book can be viewed when logged to any computer as long as its user logged in. One user deleted the address group by mistake and so evrtything in it was lost. I was wondering how I can recover that from the exchange 2003 server. I have opened 'Server Management' and then 'Users' and then clicked on the 'properties of the particular user but i cannot see a trace of anything like the email distribution group. Any ideas? I am new to exchange :-)
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Wow! I found it on deleted items and so I was able to restore the distribution list back to the 'contacts'.
I have also learned from you janpakula about reccuva incase I may need it in future. Thank you very much!
happy to help :)