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JDBC ResultSet

I have a stored procedure that returns over 8000 rows. I then need to export all the data into a csv file in comma delimited format. When exporting the data into a csv file, the process takes a while. I have to loop through each row to collect all the data. Is there a more efficient or faster way of doing this? Can I just bulk load all the data into the CSV file without having to loop through each row? The database I am connecting to is MSSQL 2005.
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It would be much faster to collect all the data in the result set into a Java object of some type, then loop through that to write out your CSV file.

Often the best way to do this is to create a private class just to hold all the elements of one record, then fill a collection (ArrayList, Map, Vector) with those objects.  

>>I have to loop through each row to collect all the data.

That's the case with whatever kind of form you get a cursor in, and that's what a cursor is for.

If your goal is only to produce a csv file, then the way to loop through each row would the way mentioned in the first comment, it being the most direct
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Thanks everyone. I am currently looking at the TempDBAs comment. I think that may work the best for me. I will test it out to see how it works.
Thanks BCP works great. I can output the data to a CSV file as well as tab delimited; this is exactly what I wanted.