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How to shrink one partition to expend another one on the same disk without converting to Dynamic Disk ?
As you can see, I shrink drive D to expend drive H but for some reason when I try to do that it force me to convert it to Dynamic Disk.
I didn't done that yet because I remember having issues with few disk management/backup software with Dynamic disk.

What is the best solution for me?

Many thanks!
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What O.S. are you using to try to partition your hard drives?
I have used this product before and it works great with either a standard desktop O.S. or a Server O.S. if you have a server O.S. you will need to purchase the product made for servers, if it's a desktop O.S. you can download the free version. I have used the free version many times, no issues, easy to use and best of all no issues or converting.
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I'm not sure if the last method will work because when I try to expend drive G (the one that between the free space and drive H) it still ask me to convert to Dynamic disk.

BTW, I think I have a different problem,
My exchange partition is more than 250gb used but the mailboxes aren't using more than 10-15gb as you can see in this screen shot:
I also checked the backups status because as far as I remember every time it runs a backup it should delete all old logs.

What do you think "eating" my Exchange partition or what is the best option to check that by myself (that way I'll know for the next time).

Many thanks!
Depends on what you are using as backup tool. Tools that are exchange aware will delete the exchange transaction logs after every full Exchange backup that was successful. But not during incremental or differential backups, or if there have been failures during the backup.

Can you post a screenshot of your partition management and explain which partition you want to expand?
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You can see the screen shot on my first post( and as you can see in the picture I posted in the last comment ( I'm using the SBS2011 integrated backups and the status is "Successful" (last backup as last night).

You'll have to move Drive G so it comes right after drive D. After that, if I'm not mistaken, you'll also have to move Drive H so it comes right after G. After that you should be able to extend Drive H. The problem is that Windows can't move partitions with native tools. So you need a 3rd party utility for that.

I don't know SBS 2011's backup tool well enough, are you doing a full backup with it? Also, the exchange transaction logs are usually on another partition than the exchange store is on (or it should be that way).
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How can I check the logs size? How can I see what "eating" drive H ?
You should be able to check where the logs are by using the exchange console, right ckick the Server and select properties. There is a logs tab there and there you'll see where the logs are kept. Then you can check those directories.
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The logs are not on the same drive, the mailboxes are just 10-15gb but still the folder: H:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V14\Mailbox\Mailbox Database
is more than 240gb, and getting bigger and bigger every hour.
I'm not too much of an exchange specialist. Maybe you have a spam problem or something?
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Ok so the problem was the backups, because Exchange server wasn't backed up, the logs continue to grow and grow (after every full backup it should delete all of them).
The database was 10-15gb, but the logs more than 200.

Still have a problem with backups but I'll open a new thread for that.

Thanks for everybody who tried to help!