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Images Do Not Render in IE8

I just posted a new set of jpeg (.jpg) images to my customer's web site.  I have reason to believe they were created in Adobe Photoshop.  

They render just fine when the page is viewed in Firefox or Safari, but when viewed in IE8 the new images (and only the new images) don't render: they show the red 'I can't find this image' X and the alt text instead.

Cany anyone tell me what is causing this behavior?  Does the image developer need save the images differently for IE8?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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just to offer another idea, these red x's also reminded me of the old days with internet explorer active x controls
 First verify that the Show Pictures option has not been turned off in the advanced options
Tools internet options advanced.
There is quite a few things you can check besides the option DaveBaldwin has offered.
Check this MS article for the full list
Pictures are not displayed on Web sites in Internet Explorer
When you open a Web page, one or more pictures may not be displayed. Instead, you see a red X or a placeholder of some type.