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Exchange 2010 server- Redundancy

We newly built 1 exchange 2010 server. My manager wants me to come up with 3 options to prevent server failure should in case the server fails. What are the options I have? Note : we have only 1 exchange 2010 server.
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Probably cheaper and more effective to use an external service such as Mimecast; Exchange DAGs allow you to use multiple servers in-house but won't help if your Internet link goes down whereas with an external service people could at least read their recent emails and send/receive from home through the web based backup.
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Thanks, from your comments. It is likely we will need to add another server? That is , if we are to implement DAG. Is there a way to use just one server?
no you cannot use only one server, you will need at least 2
Which of the server will i configure NLB? on both servers? What if the servers are in different locations.
did you read the articles i gave you ?
I have read the part 1.
i know it is quite a bit to read but do go over them since they contain the answers to most of your questions
It was highly informative.