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How to recover a lost Exchange 2010 Edge Server?

We have a two server installation, one server hosting the Exchange 2010 server, the second hosting TMG 2010 and Exchange 2010 Edge.  The installation has been working fine for months, with out error. Until last night, when the disk in the TMG failed. The to add insult to injury we found the backup was useless.

So I have been forced to reinstall TMG etc. Windows installed ok, TMG installed ok, but when I tried to reinstall Exchange Edge, the message was I must perform a RecoverServer, this I did. But the server now seems to be in a confused state.  The EMC will not run. So I tried to uninstall Exchange so I could install a fresh copy. But I cannot uninstall without usng remove-edgesubscription. However, this cannot run as I get an LDAP Server is unavailable error.

Can someone please help me either get the existing config working, or remove it so I can reinstall the Edge service.

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You are rebuilding - you MUST install the the exchange services BEFORE you install TMG.
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Can you please explain? Why the Exchange must be installed before TMG?  When I performed the initial installation I installed the TMG first.

I already have TMG installed and running, how do I get around this?

Sorry, just off to work - but you will have seen in the TMG admin guide the sequence in which things should be installed. You can also verify this here.

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I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

After working with Microsoft, the problem was  nothing to do with the order of installation, or the TMG, the problem was the exchange server object was missing from the Active Directory, and hence we were forced to perform a manual clean, and re-installation.
The important part is that you are working - but i would be staggered if you were told by the MS team that the installation sequence was not relevant. The sequence is put in place because TMG will have blocked access to the internal lan for practically everything requiring you to allow protocols from localhost to internal that yould never normally want to do. The same sequencing aspect is in place for joining the name, the documents state that you must join the domain fiest before you install the TMG. If you had followed the installation guide you would not have had to call MS because the TMG would not have been present to block the Active Directory.

Of course there are ways around it to make it work, but none are supported. So on that basis I object to the delete request.

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