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New Network Setup for 100 Local + Remote Users...


I am planning to setup servers for 100 users (50 local + 50 remote users), my servers/applications would be:

* Servers OS (AD/MailServer/Application Servers) would be Windows...
* Mailserver would be Lotus Domino or Exchange 2007/2010,
* Application Server would be Windows SQL for 10-15 users,
* One Terminal Server for RD connection approx 25 users.

I Kindly request you to advice me on below my quires:-

* What kindly of server hardware I should in IBM since I need redundancy for my all 3 server(AD/Mail/Terminal Server)
* Which Server hardware is best 32 or 64 bit?(can in run 32 OS on 64 bit hardware?)
* How successfully Lotus Domino can be integrated with Application / Terminal Server.
* Which hardware firewall would be preferable?
* any advice for ThinClient model no?
*any advice for data storage.

Sorry for long story ... would be great if any product links available according to my requirement....

many thanks in advanced...

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any help / suggestion / advice...pls
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Clustering is no extra cost anymore since the new express licensing became effective with the release of Domino 8.5.3

As answered in:

Also:  Why do you want to spend extra money on Windows, when Domino and Fileserveing can be done much cheaper by using Linux on your server?
sorry for delay reply,

Hearty thankful to you for your valuable reply,

as per your area...(i guess Serves) I will ask abt the server only (hardware & software)...for rest as advised.. I will open new question

Do you mean:
As per your suggestion...
there will be 3 physical server including:-
1. TS = (physical Server # 1)
2. VMWare FS/DC/MS/SQL/BTS) = (physical Server # 2)
3. VMWare FS/DC/MS/SQL/BTS) = (physical Server # 3)

Lotus Domino is okay...kindly brief how if we put two server on different locations(for mails + TS access)...since its a need accordingly for to our setup

Kindly suggest :

* Levels of redundancy -- offsite DR
* x86 v/s x64 (why we should go for x64); ( hardware+software) for which we should go...meaning all (vSphere 5/lotus/SQL/TS/Thinclient) will support x64?
* alternate way to access iNotes from webbrowser from terminal server users?

Pls advice / suggest if you have any other ways to host all servers with minimum physical servers using vsphere?

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link to DB2 Express-C (sorry, typo in other comment)

note that this is steadily updated, Stable release:
DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 for Windows
DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 for Windows 64-bit
DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 for Linux
DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 for Linux 64-bit
DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 for Linux on Power
DB2 Express-C 9.7.4 for Solaris x86-64

and a beta: DB2 Express-C 9.5.2 beta for Mac OS X
Sorry for delay reply,

my management wants to go for MS email servers only...

Kindly advice how offsite-DR is effective & stable in Exchange 2010.

pls suggest..

many thanks in advanced..
Its not :-)
So management wants you to spend more on backups, hardware, support, and get  less results.

Excellent illustration of the Dilbert Principle.

Good luck.