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Publish Access Database to SharePoint - Upload Error

I am trying to publish my database to SharePoint, but after entering the Server URL and Site Name and clicking the "Publish to Access Services", the synchronization runs for about 40 minutes and then gives the following message:

There was an error uploading the data in the tables being created on the server. The Microsoft Access database engine encountered an error while communicating with SharePoint. More detailed information: 'Field 'CustomerName' in table 'CustomerTable' contains invalid field value '<male symbol>'. Remove this invalid value from your field and try to complete the operation again.'

(Here is a picture of the actual <male symbol> that appears:

I've tried the following to fix the issue:

Searched on '<male symbol>' in the 'CustomerName' field, but no results were found.
Visually looked at the 'CustomerName' field looking for any oddities, none were found (this field contains 25,250 records)
Moving the data into Word and Excel and performed searches to see if the '<male symbol>' would appear, but no luck.
Ran the 'Web Compatibility' in Access.  No issues with compatibility.

Can anyone please tell me how I can find this symbol ' ' ?
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Have you run a query on the field to search for nulls or empty fields..

Select * from CustomerTable where trim(nz(CustomerName,"") )= ""
Check the Application log error. And see the detailed information of the error.

File -> View Application Log Table

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You can also simply sort your table by that field name. Any weird entry should display first, before A.