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Updating using recordset code

I've been using INSERT INTO to save a record at times. I recently had an expert make this comment:
"In this thread, the sql string in the accepted solution is actually syntactically incorrect, so its not clear whether you corrected it (or how), or whether you opted to go with the recordset method suggested in that comment.
Using recordset code is a great way to handle data inserts and updates from forms, which can make for convoluted SQL statements.  The recordset code tends to be easier to follow and easier to maintain/expand."

I've run into another situation that I can use the INSERT INTO statement as follows:
sqlSave = "INSERT INTO tblBonusStoreParticipants(PreliminaryBonusID,EmployeeID)
 VALUES(" & Me.PreliminayBonusID & "," & Me.StoreID.Column(7) & ")"
CurrentDb.Execute strDM, 128

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I would like to learn how to use recordset code rather that INSERT INTO
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looks rather simple and is easier to follow. Would this be better than using the INSERT INTO?
for one, you don't have to worry about single quotes {'} and Double Quotes {"}  and formatting your SQL statement.

Expert simplified a process for me and was clear in his responses. Thanks capricorn - much appreciated - good job