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Monitor Internet Traffic from our Servers

In my corporate network we are running a lot of RealTime servers that require a lot of bandwidth 24/7.

I have 3 different Internet Connections, 1 Fiber and 2 DSL lines. These 3 Lines are connected on 2 Load Balancers and the LBs are connected on 2 Firewalls. After the firewall we have our main Cisco switch that our servers are connected on it.

I am looking for a solution so that I can identify how much bandwidth each server is using and from which Internet line is passing. Most of our servers are routed only from the fiber line but I want to be able to identify all the traffic produced on my network.

This solution can either be software-baser or an appliance that can sit somewhere on my network and get all the neccessary information I need.

Thank you in advance
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