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howto have combination of static local dns server and ISP provided dns servers

Let's say I have a laptop I use at work, behind a firewall that provides DHCP with DNS server information. I can get to the internet normally. Standard setup, right?
But what if this laptop is @ a remote office, the firewall is also a VPN tunnel, and I need to have the main office DNS server in my network configuration to get AD to work.
Now I can authenticate to the server and do what I need to do, and get to the Internet, but...
all my DNS requests are going over the VPN to the main office server for lookup, which isn't very efficient.
I can hard code both the main office server's address and my local ISP's DNS servers, I guess. But what happens when I go on the road and hit the wifi hotspot at McDonald's? Or take my laptop home, where I have a different ISP than at work?
Is there a way to have BOTH static and dynamic DNS server entries in my network config?
I don't think specifics are necessary, but the firewalls are Sonicwalls, the main office server is SBS 2003, their ISP is CBeyond. Local ISP is ATT DSL, and laptop is running Windows 7 Pro.
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Just let DHCP and/or your VPN server set your DNS servers.
When Windows does a DNS lookup, it caches the response so that some subsequent look ups are really coming from the local DNS cache.  So, the DNS lookups aren't really causing as much traffic as you might think.

Otherwise, you can write a script to change what your DNS settings are and run that every time you change locations.  Tedious and annoying when you forget.

I'd leave things just as they are.
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You can leave you primary NIC config as DHCP and then set up alternate tab with static info. Then APIPA won't be available when you have no connectivity. You need to remember that, because always you will see that statically configured IP

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