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Exchange 2010 online mailbox move

I have to move a bunch of mailboxes from one Exchange 2010 server to another. Given the current schedule, I would like to move some of these during the day. My understanding is that I can do the following:
1. Move the mailboxes during the day with the "automatically suspend" flag set. The user can be logged on during this time and there is no user impact.
2. Complete the move after business hours, which will quickly complete the process, during which the user will be kicked off her very short period of time.

Is my understanding correct? I want to make sure I do not kick my users off-line during the day.
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Also, does the Outlook Client Version that the user is using matter in this scenario?

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Still waiting on the outlook client version question. What versions are supported (2003, 2007, 2010, etc.)