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hp gt7725 thin client

I am using the xdmcp protocal to comunicat with a Linux box and need to set a static IP in the 7725.  It defaults to dhcp but I need a static IP.  Anyone know how to com figure the HP GT 7725?
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Why don't you just make an IP reservation for the thin Client's MAC address on your DHCP Server? That in my opinion is always better than individually setting the static IP on the device itself.
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I have a closed network.  A Linux computer running Suse 11.1 and four thin clients.  I don't know that I am familiar with how to accomplish what you suggest.  The reason I have been setting the static IPs over the years is that I set up a printer on each thin client and then set up printers on the Suse machine using LPD.  I then set the host for the printer in the Suse machine to the IP address of the thin client and the I put the name I used in the thin client into the que name on the Suse machine.  My software needs to be able to print various documents to a particular printer that may be connected to any of the other thin clients.  If you could give me a hand doing this IP reservation thing I would appreciate it.  I don't think I have a DHCP server running on the network.
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Can anyone give me the steps I can use to set a static IP address in the hp gt7725 using xdcmp?
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DHCP servers usually run on Routers or maybe your SUSE server. I'd first check your Router's configuration. If the DHCP server is running on it, check it's manual on how to configure it for reservations. If it is running on the SUSE server you should be able to use Yast to configure it. I'd also make reservations for the printers. Usually you just need to add the Devices MAC address and the corresponding IP address you want. Advantages are that you have everything managed at a central location, and you shouldn't be able to make mistakes like assigning the same IP more than once, and you don't need to go to each device and set it up manually.
Thanks rindi, how ever we have several hundred thin clients in systems around the country and have been installing them by setting the static IP in the thin client.  We have been using Devon IT and Neoware thin clients but thought we would look at the gt7725.  We have a routine for setting up the systems we distribute and I think it would be safer to stick with the routine.  I would prefer to set the 7725 to have a static IP.  If that is not possible we will probably put the 7725 on the shelf.  I can't imagine the device  can't do it however.  It is such an elementary thing.  I would still like to figure it out.  It is about as hard to figure out a way to talk to someone at HP as it is to try and figure out the device.
Check it's manual, under Control Panel, Network, you should be able to modify the connection:

rindi,  I printed out a copy of the manual a couple of days ago and it is not readily apparent, how to do the static IP.  I finally got ahold of a HP tech person in India who talked me through the process.  Their control panel screen is not as easy to follow as it could be.  Once one becomes familiar with what they are doing it is a cake walk.  I appreciate your response.  I have worked out the solution with the HP rep.
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I solved the problem with a call to HP
I solved the problem with a call to HP
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