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Tracking down a RD Gateway Server Name Error

There is an extra R here. I have RD Gateway, Session Host, Remote App, IIS all on DOMAIN-SERVER. I have the apps on another server, MAIN-SERVER, as well as the Virtual PCs.

I've looked through all the Remote Desktop settings involving Gateway that I can think of and the name looks correct everywhere. Yet clicking an app through the RDWeb site shows a clearly misspelled RD Gateway.

Where else do I need to look, where is this most likely to be found?
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It applys to all. Remote Desktop through RDWeb also does not go through. "Gateway Server does not have a valid address".
This all works internally of course, and even using Remote Desktop Connection from Windows 7 directly from home allows an administration connection to the DOMAIN-SERVER using either the IP Address or the web address
I managed to track it down. I had removed Session Host from MAIN-SERVER, however it was still pulling the settings from there. So, I reinstalled it and the type was in RemoteApp there.

Still having issues with RDWeb connecting up, will post a new question though if I can't get through it.
Thanks ve3ofa for trying.