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Server loosing connection on terminal services

I have a 2003 server that I have two users logging on with terminal services (mstsc). Everything will be ok for an hour - or sometimes less and then the connection hangs. I have noticed that when this happens they are unable to ping the server although other computers can . The client computers are XP pro SP3, all have updated AV on them.

I have checked the cable and changed the network card, but still have the same problem.

Any ideas?

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So the inability to ping is where we probably want to grab hold of this problem.  If network connectiviy is dropped, Terminal Server session will hang.

Given that you are using TS, I need to ask if the two TS users are remote or local to your network.  If remote, start by looking at the VPN, firewall, etc.  But I'm assuming you have probably already gone this path if you have remote users.

When you say other computers can ping, basic question is are the other computers connected the same way (e.g. same wire, VPN, or whatever)?  And I assume you are pinging the Terminal Server with these other computers (vs. just generically pinging to other places)

Also, can you ping by IP address but not by name (pointing to possible DNS issue)?

If you hop onto the terminal server itself when the issue occurs, can you ping to the hung client computers -- or to anywhere on the network?

Do both of the TS users hang at the same time?

What type of infrastructure do you have between the TS and the client computers?  Any possibility of a switch or router issue?

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both users are local. And yes I am pinging the teminal server and other places as well - the other places work and the TS is intermittant. both of the TS users do not hang at the same time. The users and server are all on one 1gig 24 port switch. Havent tried pinging by name - will try tomoroow.

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check the switchport settings to make sure it's not a layer 2 proble. making sure the ports are set to portfast might be one potential problem:


conf t
int f0/1
spanning-tree porfast

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