DFSR replication problem

Hi i am facing problem with dfsr keeping getting an error

One or more replicated folders have sharing violations.
Affected replicated folders: Data
Description: Due to ongoing sharing violations, DFS Replication cannot replicate files in the replicated folders listed above. This problem is affecting 3 files in 1 replicated folders.
Event ID: 4302

Please help
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Paul MacDonaldDirector, Information SystemsCommented:
It would seem one or more of the folders (or their contents) are locked against DFS somehow.  This link suggests restarting DFS on the affected server may help:

Sushil SonawaneCommented:
 please run this command to determine the real state of the file, use the DFSRDIAG BACKLOG command to check for sharing violations. The command output provides a list of the first 100 files that are not replicated.

From the error, it is caused that some files are not closed for some time so they cannot be replicated. From the file list, MDB files should be a database file, so it is possible that it is keeping in open status.

Actually it is not recommanded to use DFSR on database file or any similar files which will be accessed frequently or keep in open status as it will cause confliction issue.

Check if any file is  open by any process. You can use Share Folders snap-in in MMC to check. Or download the tool named Handle.exe from Microsoft site.
zenithrmmAuthor Commented:
Thanks sushil, this explanation makes sense.  I performed the backlog command and no it reports not backlog, both servers are in sync.
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