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DWT in Microsoft Expression Web 4

I have a site that has a main content editible region with two columns. I want to make the left column uneditible which i suceeded with. But this column is acting as a menu of sorts and I'm trying to use CSS to create a "you are here" effect that only takes effect when someone is on that specific page. I.e. make the background of that link appear a different color if they are on this page.

Is there a way to do this that will actually stick in expression web? I made the <body> editible so that I could add a unique ID but it defaults back when I happen to edit the DWT. I also tried to add a <div> around my menu but this seemed to screw with the entire template and remove the sidebar all together.
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I ended up adding an "includes" page within expression web and including this in a unique div that I could then edit. I cannot make this section uneditible but 1 line of code versus 20 makes it easier to keep things clean.