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Form Validation with Javascript

How do I create a javascript validation that checks each required field and then prints the error message in a unique div.  This is what I have so far but it does not work:

function validateForm()
	var errors = [];
  var od_position=document.forms["myForm"]["od_positio]"].value;
if (od_position==null || od_position=="")
    document.getElementById('id_of_div_here').innerHTML = 'error message here';

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is this a typo, or the way you actually have it coded:

 var od_position=document.forms["myForm"]["od_positio]"].value;

I think should be:

 var od_position=document.forms["myForm"]["od_position"].value;

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Though I generally prefer to do eveything with ids
If you are going to use the names,


is a lot cleaner.
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Your example did the same thing twice?
Then I guess we need to look at more of the page.  Can you post a link to the page?
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I used what you offered and it does not work.  If I leave the field blank, it just goes forward and does nothing?  What do you think I am doing wrong?