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EIGRP problem

hi experts
in one of my branch office, there is a Cisco router and a Cisco Switch, the router "knows" all router for my internal network, but the switch only "knows" some of them, seem like such network range not boradcast to switch or the switch did not learn such network from the router, for there is not any ACL running under EIGRP to filter and router and switch running under same autonomous number.
so i am not sure where the problem is, router or switch? and how to get the switch knows all route which router has?

thanks you
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Garry Glendown
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You're saying "switch" - does the Switch even support EIGRP? Unless you're talking something bigger with full L3 capabilities, most switches do not do dynamic routing protocols ...
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hello expert
of course the switch support EIGRP, it knows lots of routes from EIGRP, only some not learned from the router, it is Cisco 3560-48-EI.


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Pls paste config and sh ip route in both...
Is ur router configured as stub ?
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problem fixed