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membership & roles with windows authentication ASP.NET 4.0

Hi Experts,
I'm reading up about membership & roles with a view to implementing personalization.
This will be for an intranet so the authentication is set to Windows authentication on IIS.

To avoid users having to log in there is a piece of code in the page-load event to pick up the username form their existing network session and create a session variable.
Users then see only information linked to their username as dictated by the SQL queries e.g. SELECT * where username = @username

If I want to go forward from this and introduce roles and membership rights to individuals without resorting to login pages, I presume I just need to define some roles in a SQL table and then associate those with individuals etc... or am I missing a trick here?

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Hi dusion,

thank you for those links, just had a quick glance they look helpful,  i'm going to have a good read and come back to you if I may.
I think that is what I want to do, to retain the windows authorization but introduce roles and membership, just not fully understanding the process yet, there seem to be so many ways to restrict/permit access for example we discovered the Authorization Rules on IIS7 this week which seems a wonderfully simple way of setting permissions and i'm trying to sort out in my own mind the difference between that and using roles/membership etc.
These articles really helped me to understand the set-up and process, I have hit a couple of problems in trying to follow an example, but I will post seperate questions for those because in essence my query of "or am I missing a trick" has been answered with a resounding yes.

Thank you for the considered choice of links...each one has really helped.