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Need a way to cancel changes if Error in Access DB

I use the below code to change values in a access database which has linked tables to a SQL DB.
Most of the entries in the DB will change with no problem but some will have to be changed manually because of some other issues.
What I need is a way to modify the code attached so that if the DB throws an error like the image that I have attached, the code will cancel any changes to the record and move on to the next record.       User generated image
RecNum = DCount("*", "LECaseSubjectQ")
MsgBox (RecNum)

    DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acFirst
Crec = 1

Do Until Crec > RecNum

strSubjectType = Form_LECaseSubjectQ.txtSubjectType.Text

If strSubjectType = "-18309" Then
    strSubjectType = "804"
End If

Form_LECaseSubjectQ.txtSubjectType.Text = strSubjectType

strSubjectType = ""

DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNext
Crec = Crec + 1


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that pointed me in the right direction, thanks