Diffrence between swap and /dev/shm

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Hi All ,

           Can any body gives me idea what is /dev/shm is , i know it is shared memory . please explain from where it is allocated   from (RAM or HDD ) .

what is difference between swap and share memory ?

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/dev/shm is a method of using a mounted area of the harddrive as a means of transfering data between applications, this can be a significant boost for heavily loaded systems.

a good explanation is here ...

SWAP memory an area of your Harddrive that is used as RAM check out this link for a good explanation ...

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/dev/shm also know as tmpfs is shared memory and it is used for passing the data between programs. This directly his will result into speeding up things on Linux.

 Swap space is the space whereby a page of memory is copied to the preconfigured space on the hard disk to free up that page of memory.

do swap and tmpfs of shm connect or are the connected?

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